Malaria Masters is a program to take your help and support in assisting in the global malaria eradication efforts to rid the world of the malaria epidemic.

We welcome supporters of all ages to signup to become a Malaria Master. As a Malaria Master, you will be certified as an advocate for malaria eradication efforts, and will be responsible for:

  • Organizing at least one awareness event every year in your community (e.g., school or workplace).  Malaria Free World will provide you the basic material, and also speak at the event about malaria eradication. Click here for event ideas!
  • Raise at least $250 in donations every year.  The funds will go towards educational events and ultimately towards high-end malaria research.
  • Malaria Free World will provide at least one large malaria-related poster as a thank you gift to the place where the event is organized. It will also offer prizes for top attendees for answering awareness-related questions.
  • You will attend annual events hosted by Malaria Free World, and learn more about developments across the various global health initiatives.  
  • As part of your free registration to this program, you can make an optional donation to receive a welcome kit containing a T-Shirt and a backpack.

We are also looking for sponsors, speakers, and student friendly activities related to awareness around the malaria epidemic.  Companies and organizations that wish to showcase their work to elementary, middle, and high school students are encouraged to get involved, support, and sponsor.

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