Author-turned-microbiologist Karen Masterson uncovered the story behind America’s covert WWII mission to find a cure for malaria. Students and faculty at TJHSST marked the World Malaria Day with Ms. Masterson's informative presentation.

World Malaria Day

Malaria has been such a killer disease that, unfortunately, for half the world every day is malaria day. A day to keep up the fight against this deadliest disease of all times. 

Every year, April 25th marks World Malaria DayMalaria Free World is proud to be a part of the worldwide movement to eradicate malaria through awareness, research, and innovation.  To mark this day, we organize events, lectures, and fund-raisers to get a step closer to getting the world rid of malaria.

Students and faculty support malaria eradication efforts at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology through the program "Maroon for Malaria". Thanks to all supporters for sending in pictures to mark this day!

Hemant Bankhede is a Senior Scientist at the Formulation Center of Excellence at Colorcon Asia in Goa, India. He researches drug discovery in field of anti-malarials. Mr. Bankhede is Malaria Free World's first international Malaria Master.